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The number of gadgets and sleeping aids that flood the travel market is enough to bewilder even the most escort bayan experienced travellers, but a new sleep mask is here to help. Finnish brand Active Ally Oy has come up with a sex girl new solution to an old problem. Designers have developed a sleeping mask, Relax ALLY, that fastens to the seat behind you and prevents your head from lolling forwards or too far sideways while you snooze.Scroll down for video 
Best ideas are the simplest: Finnish brand Active Ally Oy has designed a new travel and sleep aid
Fully adjustable: The ergonomic position helps you to fall asleep and allows the muscles to relaxAccording to the brand, which launched in November 2012, the ergonomic position helps you to fall asleep and allows muscles to relax, preventing micro trauma, prolonged flexion and resulting stiffness and pain to the neck and shoulders.It’s fully adjustable, designed to prolong sleep and costs €39 (£30). Better yet, it should prevent that awkward moment when you awake and realise you’ve nodded off on a stranger’s shoulder.
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Integrated features include; a restband for better ergonomics, a sleeping mask to exclude light and a pocket with earplugs for isolating noise.
The travel nightmare ends today with the release of Relax Ally
The Relax ALLY travel restband has been sold in over twenty countries but now the company wants to grow globally and is looking for equity investors through the international FundedByMe crowdfunding platform.
Looking for investment: The brand is hoping to raise funds through FundedByMe crowdfunding platform
Sleep sound: So far 15 per cent of the total has been raised of the total €100,000 needed
New Relax Ally Restband set to revolutionise travel comfort
This €100,000 (£80,000) crowdfinding round would help unlock up to €300,000 (£240,000) for operational use to support development and international growth around the EU and USA, then Asia.So far, 15 per cent of the total has been raised, with 42 days left to go.‘The problem is simply huge and for some reason people just seems to have accepted it. We wanted to wake-up people by releasing the campaign during the Halloween week with a themed travel nightmare introduction video, and show them a viable solution with huge potential says Mr. Lasse Korvala, CEO of Active Ally Oy’ 

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Access to safe drinking water is undoubtedly the most essential requirement for every traveller. But knowing where it is safe to porn escort drink the water can be confusing, with conflicting information available.A new infographic using research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies which countries have safe water for visitors – and which do not.It is important to girl sex video note that not all the countries indicated as unsafe here have water that is necessarily unclean or polluted. Scroll down for video 
Essential: An infographic uses reports by the CDC to show travellers which countries have safe drinking water
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Rather, it can be harmful to those who have not built up a tolerance to it as locals have, so visitors (particularly those with sensitive systems) should be cautious. The CDC reports that no countries on the continents of Africa and South America contain water suitable for drinking, and a handful in Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Israel and South Korea. In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand benefit from safe drinking water, with the CDC advising to avoid drinking water in the rest.A large number of European countries have treated water that is deemed drinkable, though there are several in Eastern Europe where caution is advised. Full details are shown on the infographic below.Illnesses that can be transmitted through water include cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid and travellers diarrhoea.The infographic, compiled by NeoMam Studios, also includes advice on how to prevent illness by being aware of the water with which you brush your teeth and shower.Tips on how to make untreated water safe for drinking are also noted.
CDCs guide to staying healthy during international travel

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 Billionaire investor Warren Buffett once observed: ‘It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a escort bayan fair company at a wonderful price.’There are many reasons why a business might be considered wonderful, but most investors would vip eskort agree (including Buffett himself) that strong, consistent profitability is one of the most important.After a surging run last year, the escort share prices of some of Britain’s biggest and most profitable FTSE 350 firms have come under pressure during 2014. bayan escort
Top stock: Burberry, Next and Royal Mail are some of the most profitable companies in the FTSE 350For investors looking for potentially good quality shares at fair prices, these dips could offer buying opportunities.But it is important to tread carefully in the pursuit of profit. Indeed it is risky to simply rely on the headline profit figures that companies churn out in their annual results.These numbers can mask all sorts of accounting sleights of hand, so using some handy profitability checks is essential. 
Top 10 shares with the best growth forecasts but can they fulfil their potential? | This is Money
Share dealing service: Buy & sell UK stock market shares online – cheap flat fee certificate trades | This is Money
How to find a profitable companyFirst, it’s worth looking at how much bang a company gets from the bucks it invests in itself. This is something analysts call return on capital employed.A high return on capital can be a signpost to stocks with strong and defensible brands and franchises that can be rolled out very profitably.A great example is Domino’s Pizza, which has achieved a sector-beating return on capital by fanning out stores across the country, with another 40 to 50 due to open this year.Another pointer to strong profitability is the percentage that a company pockets from the sale of its products after costs – otherwise known as the operating margin.The higher the margin the more likely it’s in a strong position to command high prices. Just look at property website Rightmove, which has generated huge margins in recent years by dominating the market for online home sales.Investors can also hunt for clues to strong profitability using other accounts-driven measures. One of them is the ratio of a company’s free cash flow to sales, which sounds horrendously complicated but isn’t.Essentially this tells you the proportion of sales revenues that actually turn into cash after everything else has been paid.It’s easy to produce accounts that look impressive but lack hard cash to fund dividends and further expansion, so looking at cash flow is important.And finally, it’s possible to examine a company’s competitive advantage by comparing its net income to all the cash that investors have ploughed into it.The technical term here is return on equity and it’s a popular way of comparing profitability performance of stocks in the same sector. It varies by industry but a return on equity of 15 per cent is usually considered desirable.With these factors in mind, Stockopedia created this Top 10 list of the most profitable companies in the FTSE 350 for This is Money.We’ve also included a score for how each company ranks in the market based on its overall blend of quality, value and momentum factors, as measured by Stockopedia’s StockRanks™, from zero (worst) to 100 (best). TOP 10 MOST PROFITABLE FTSE 350 COMPANIES Name ROCE % ROE % Op Mgn % FCF/ Sales % Stock Rank? Hargreaves Lansdown 91 76.4 58 44.5 42 Reed Elsevier 70.1 48.7 23.7 0.66 94 Next 67.9 290.9 19.9 14.4 87 Royal Mail 48.4 106.7 18.1 4.22 62 ITV 38.8 51.6 23.4 18 84 Burberry 33.3 29.6 19 11.6 71 British American Tobacco 31.4 58.2 35.7 24.2 86 IMI 29.9 33.8 14.8 9.25 57 Sage 29.6 24.6 26.8 16.9 89 British Sky Broadcasting 29.5 83 15.2 13.3 81 Top notch: Stockopedia has identified the 10 most profitable FTSE 350 companies On many of these measures, investment supermarket Hargreaves Lansdown is the most profitable company in the FTSE 350.Last year it generated revenues of £358 million, of which 45 per cent (£162 million) ended up as net profit. An incredible track record of operating efficiency has seen it generate an average return on capital of over 100 per cent during the past five years.European publishing group Reed Elsevier and fashion retailer Next have also been highly efficient at consistently squeezing large profits from their assets.Reed Elsevier’s huge scale and ownership of popular brands like New Scientist and Estates Gazette have contributed to a staggering return on capital of 70 per cent.Meanwhile Next is legendary in the City for its immense ability to generate returns quickly from opening new stores.Shares in Royal Mail have been falling in price all year but the business is very obviously dominant in its markets. A huge infrastructure gives it a strong competitive advantage and clear pricing power – after all, it has a vast say in how much we all have to pay to post letters and parcels.Elsewhere on the list are two broadcasters – ITV and British Sky Broadcasting – which also have obviously defensible market positions that protect their profitability.Accounting software company Sage boasts strong margins and high cash generation because its customer base of small business owners tend to stay with it.Loyal customers are also the key to profitability at companies like specialist engineering group IMI and British American Tobacco.And for high end fashion label Burberry, desirability is a key factor in its ability to command high prices that reinforce profits.So, the lesson for investors is that profitability is something that can be tested in several ways. In the search for wonderful companies it pays to check that profits really are what they seem.How the ratios are calculatedReturn on Capital takes a company’s earnings before interest and tax and divides it by employed capital (total assets minus total liabilities).Operating Margin is worked out by taking operating profit and dividing it by sales.Free Cash Flow to Sales pinpoints the percentage of a company’s sales revenues that actually turn into cash after everything else has been paid for.Return on Equity is worked out by dividing a company’s net income by the amount of money that investors have invested in it. This is known as Shareholder Equity and it can be found on the balance sheet.If you want to find more of the most profitable UK companies, click here or visit the Stockopedia website.  ABOUT STOCKOPEDIA AND THE TOP TEN STOCKS  This is Money’s Top 10 Stocks Series is written by Ben Hobson, Strategies Editor at StockopediaThis is Moneys review of Stockopedia by Simon Lambert and learn more about the site.But first a word of warning: It is vital to consider that these and all other investment articles on This is Money are simply for generating ideas and if you are thinking of investing they should only ever be a starting point for your own in-depth research before making a decision.● This is Money readers can enjoy a 2 week free trial and £50 discount to Stockopedia.● For more info about the StockRanks, please download a free guide. 
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Wayne Hennessey, take a bow. Then your man-of-the-match prize.It requires something special to shift the Welsh spotlight away from Gareth porn Bale, but on a night when the Real Madrid player did not quite produce his comic-book heroics, Crystal Palaces second escort choice staopper earned his nation a point with a performance that defied logic as much as the Bosnian attack on escort bayan Friday night.Out from the Selhurst Park freezer, his string of saves very nearly got Wales all three. In added time, Bale child porno advanced with predatory instinct and struck a fearsome shot that Asmir Begovic strained every sinew to tip wide. Then Bale whipped over the corner but Hal Robson-Kanu to get himself in a mess from two yards out.
Wales forward Gareth Bale narrowly misses with this shot on goal against Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gareth Bale reacts to Wales 0-0 draw with Bosnia and Herzegovina
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MATCH FACTS Wales (3-5-2): Hennessey 8; Gunter 7, A Williams 6.5, Chester 6.5, Davies 6.5, Taylor 6.5; Ledley 6.5, King 6, J Williams 7 (G Williams 83’); Bale 7.5, Church 5.5 (Robson-Kanu 65’ 6.5)Booked: Taylor, Chester, A WilliamsManager: Chris Coleman 7Bosnia and Herzegovina (4-3-1-2): Begovic 7; Mujdza 6, Hadzic 6.5, Sunjic 6, Lulic 6.5; Susic 6.5, Besic 7.5, Medunjanin 7; Pjanic 7; Dzeko 6.5, Ibisevic 6.5 (Hajrovic 83’)Booked: Hadzic, Pjanic, DzekoManager: Safet Susic 6.5Ref: Vladislav Bezborodov 5MoM: HennesseyAtt: 30,741 Ashley Williams had an excellent chance too in the 78th minute, arriving unmarked onto Bale’s free-kick six yards out only to head over.Hennessey provided that platform though, his best save of the night coming 10 minutes from the end. Miralem Pjanic hit his free-kick from 25 yards with dip and swerve but Hennessey threw his 6ft 6in frame into the air, reached up a glove, and diverted the ball wide.It was as thrilling as goalless draws come, and sees Wales top Group B in qualifying for Euro 2016.This was the most eagerly anticipated home international in years and it showed in the roads around Cardiff. Heavy traffic meant the stadium bore plenty of empty seats at kick-off. Eventually the projected 30,741 crowd assembled to mark the biggest since England visited the Millenium in March 2011.They had come hoping to see Wales make a statement of their intentions in this qualifying campaign; they had come wanting Bale to do the business again.In the seventh minute, he should have. Joe Ledley fed the ball to Chris Gunter on the right wing and the Reading player immediately saw Bale had somehow been granted more space in the Bosnia area than he might expect walking atop Mount Snowdon.A swift cross followed but, from inside the six-yard box, Bale fluffed his lines and missed the ball. Defender Toni Sunjic leapt to divert it for a corner.It was a promising start nevertheless. Bale had another opportunity when Ben Davies sent a high pass forward but world’s most expensive left boot only managed to send a lofted volley wide.Then Gunter volleyed over from Neil Taylor’s cross.
Wales forward Gareth Bale gets in a shot at goal during the EURO 2016 qualifier
Wales forward Gareth Bale races past Bosnias Miralem Pjanic at Cardiff City Stadium
Wales Simon Church (centre) and Bosnia and Herzegovinas Toni Sunjic (left) battle for the ballGradually, though, with Everton’s Muhamed Besic doing an excellent job marking Bale, Bosnia gained increasing possession. Pjanic, so effective for Roma at Manchester City in the Champions League, was at the heart of most it.He had already seen a deflected shot from range test Hennessey before he fired an effort just wide in the 27th minute.The second period saw Hennessey come to the fore. He may be keeping the Palace bench warm but he was alert time and again as Bosnia laid siege to the Welsh goal for the first ten minutes after the interval.
Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey dives to make a save from Bosnia and Herzegovinas Haris Medunjanin (3rd left)
Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey (3rd R) comes through a crowd of players to punch the ball clear 
Wales forward Hal Robson-Kanu has a shot at goal against Bosnia and HerzegovinaHe spread himself to deny Haris Medunjanin from four yards following Tino-Sven Susic’s cross, then saved twice from Edin Dezko, the second at full-stretch as the City striker nodded a high ball into the far corner.His second save from Medunjanin, as Wales groaned under the pressure, was just as impressive. He pushed the Bosnian’s shot from range far away from the three lurking attackers.The intensity of the evening was laid bare when a mass melee broke out following James Chester’s firm, yet fair, tackle on Besic that earned him an undeserved yellow card. Ashley Williams and Dzeko were both booked by referee Vladislav Bezborodov, seemingly for the crime of being captains.The episode illustrated Welsh steel, something missing during previous campaigns. ‘We dug deep,’ said manager Chris Coleman. ‘Last time we got bullied by Bosnia (in a 2012 friendly) but we were never bullied tonight.’
Bosnia and Herzegovinas striker Edin Dzeko (R) runs with the ball during the Euro 2016 qualifier
Gareth Bale remained upbeat despite failing to find a way through the visitors defence
Wales defender Ashley Williams (2nd left) went close with a header in the second half
Gareth Bale clashes with Edin Dzeko during a mass melee following James Chester’s firm tackle on Besic
Hal Robson-Kanu had a great chance to grab a late winner but he got into a mess and put his header well wide
Bales girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones (centre right) watches the action at the Cardiff City Stadium
Arsene Wenger, Brendan Rodgers, Louis van Gaal and the rest… all 20 Premier League bosses pictured…
Chris Coleman says the new generation of Wales golden boys can live up to the hype
Ryan Shawcross still determined to play for England over Wales despite another Three Lions snub from…
Convicted rapist Ched Evans should be allowed to play professional football again on release, claims…

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Ian Semmons, 65, was forced to spend nine hours in a cupboard at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital because porno of a bed crisis A pensioner was forced to spend all night in a storeroom at one of the countrys flagship porno hospitals because all the wards were full.Ian Semmons, 65, was stunned when a porter told him he was being taken to a cupboard at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.Having arrived with a serious infection, he claims he was repeatedly disturbed by staff going into the cramped room to get bandages, dressings and other kit.He said his ordeal was made worse when he had to endure 27 hours nil by mouth before he was taken to theatre for urgent surgery.Mr Semmons, who set up the national charity Action on Pain 16 years ago, said: This just isnt good enough. Id be embarrassed if I was in charge of this hospital.His claims come just days after the Norfolk and Norwich hosptials chief executive, Anna Dugdale, admitted she would not want her mother treated there as staff are stretched to breaking point.A&E admissions at the hospital are almost 10 per cent higher this year compared to the same period last year, having shot up to 68,000 this year. The 953-bed hospital opened in 2001 under the PFI scheme, costing £229m. It is one of the largest hospitals in the UK in terms of in-patient capacity.Ms Dugdale admitted that drastic bed shortages at the 13-year-old hospital had forced staff to use makeshift wards in a desperate bid to cope with a flood of admissions.He said: I wouldnt choose this for my mum, but I wouldnt want her in the car park either.I would want her in the hospital. Its really tough for everybody.We are not able to do everything we would like to do for every patient at the moment and that makes me very sad.Our ability to accommodate all our patients depends on how many people turn up and how many people we can get out of the back doors. 
Girl, 6, whose mother feared she had broken her back was left lying face down for THREE HOURS while…
Teenage boy who had B-cup breasts aged 13 sells his car to pay for moob reduction surgery
British hospitals on Ebola alert: Scientists warn virus could be here in 16 days as minister says…
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Mr Semmons, of Shipdham, near Dereham, Norfolk, said he now plans to complain to the healthcare regulator, the Care Quality Commission, about his ordeal. He had gone to the hospital on July 2 for a routine procedure, which was carried out as an outpatient appointment.But a few days later, he began feeling unwell and on the weekend of July 12 and 13, he was referred by a GP to the hospital with a high temperature.He claims he spent four hours in the acute medical unit before being seen by a doctor, who set he had a serious infection and needed to be admitted.At 2.30am a porter came through and said we were going to Cringleford ward and he said I was going in the cupboard.In total, he spent five days at the hospital before being discharged.
Mr Semmons said: They called it a treatment room, but it served as a storage area and the room had no windows and only had bright lightsHe said: The treatment was fabulous, but this incident shows that things are going wrong.The nurses on the ward were superb, but they were placed in an impossible situation.  The father-of-two said he was taken to the storeroom in a ward at about 2.30am on July 14.Mr Semmons claims he was forced to stay there until a bed on the ward finally became free at about 11am.He said: They called it a treatment room, but it served as a storage area and the room had no windows and only had bright lights.There was no privacy at all. The nurses were coming in quite often and were very apologetic, he said.They had to move my bed at times to get to the supplies. The fact they gave me a complaints form when I arrived on the ward shows the situation is totally out of control.A hospital spokesman said treatment rooms were used for extra bed space as escalation areas when hospital wards were full. THE HOSPITAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE SPEAKS OUT 
The hospitals chief executive, Anna Dugdale, recently admitted she wouldnt want her own mother treated there Late last month, Anna Dugdale, chief executive of  Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital spoke out as services reached breaking point due to a catastrophic rise in patients. Ms Dugdale said drastic bed shortages at the 13-year-old hospital had forced staff to use makeshift wards in a desperate bid to cope with a flood of admissions.The crisis is getting worse all the time because the rural region has a growing, ageing population and patients are staying in hospital longer.Coupled with a rise in A&E admissions – which have rocketed from 54,000 in 2008-09 to 68,000 this year – exhausted staff are said to be under immense pressure.Ms Dugdale, hospital chief executive since 2008, admitted: I wouldnt choose this for my mum, but I wouldnt want her in the car park either. I would want her in the hospital.Its really tough for everybody. I do this job as Im proud of what we do and I love it.We are not able to do everything we would like to do for every patient at the moment and that makes me very sad.Our ability to accommodate all our patients depends on how many people turn up and how many people we can get out of the back doors.Ms Dugdale said there were all sorts of options but insisted that she would never turn patients away from her 953-bed hospital.The huge level of demand for care has forced the use of non-ward areas for bed space – including makeshift wards in the medical school.  The dialysis unit and clinical teaching spaces are also used when the hospital is full to capacity. In 2010, pensioner Rhoda Talbot, 85, had to spend a night in a storeroom at the Norfolk and Norwich.Mr Semmons added: This [shows this] has been going on for four and a half years.Id have thought theyd have come up with a solution in that period of time.To put the blame entirely on outside factors is disingenuous and there is a lot you can do at the hospital, insisted Mr Semmons.Four and a half years and they are still content to put someone in a cupboard or what they call a treatment room.It is totally unacceptable and it is quite ridiculous.The spokesman said: At the time that Mr Semmons came to hospital we were already fully occupied caring for other patients.We do not, however, turn away patients who need emergency admission.If necessary, when all our wards are full and more patients need our care, we implement an escalation plan and care for patients in what are known as escalation areas.
A&E admissions at the hospital are almost 10 per cent higher this year compared to the same period last year, having shot up to 68,000 this yearThese are areas of the hospital that are not routinely used to accommodate patients but they allow us to safely care for all the patients needing our services.Mr Semmons was moved to a treatment room for a few hours on Cringleford Ward until we could provide a single bedded room on that ward.He had access to a call bell and the nursing team were making regular checks on his welfare.He added: Our matron apologised to Mr Semmons at the time of his admission and we have met him since to explain the circumstances.We are sorry that he remains unhappy. The hospital is extremely busy, with many elderly patients requiring our care.Our staff are working extremely hard to provide all our patients with the care, dignity and compassion that they deserve.We are working with our partners across the healthcare system to try to find additional capacity, particularly to enable us to discharge some of those patients who no longer need the specialist facilities of the hospital.   

Superstore escort be –

Opportunity: Entrepreneur Peter Jones bought Jessops out of administration last year
Rejuvenated camera retailer and photo processing firm Jessops has escort developed a deal with supermarket giant J Sainsbury to expose shoppers to its stores-within-a-store concept at selected supermarkets.
Jessops, which escort bayan was founded in Leicester in 1935, has endured a torrid time as a quoted company in recent years as digital bayan escort cameras usurped film and the later shift towards camera phones.
It was bought out of administration last year by entrepreneur eskort Peter Jones, pictured.
The company, which has 29 shops across the UK, has opened the first Jessops Photography Stores outlet at the Sainsbury’s superstore in Newport, South Wales.
This will be followed by another at a superstore in Waterlooville in Hampshire in mid-December and a third in Maidenhead, Berkshire, in January 2015. The Jessops outlets will include instant print kiosks, large format printing and a photo lab with 25-minute express prints and a facility to take passport photos.
A range of cameras, camcorders and accessories will be on sale.
Jones said: ‘This is a very exciting landmark deal for Jessops. It is a natural next step for our multi-channel strategy which is all about giving consumers the choice on how to buy. 
Bentleys global sales hit top gear despite tough conditions for luxury cars
Bad choices have left Frances economy under pressure, says EDF boss
‘Our partnership with Sainsbury’s gives us the opportunity to extend our collect-at-store coverage, as well as bringing some unique new services to Sainsbury’s shoppers – like our plans for a “Junior Photography Club” for under-18s, which will be run by our own expert staff.’
Additionally, anyone who buys a camera at the Jessops outlets will get a free tutorial in store.

Chance in register gov

Older workers desperate to boost their state pension can register now for a top-up scheme adding up to £1,300 a year.
From next year, pensioners will be given the chance to buy extra retirement cash to shore up their income in old age.
In return for a lump sum, anyone who reaches state pension age before April 6, 2016, can add between £1 and £25 a week to their payout.
State pension: A woman born in 1950 who pays £22,250 next year can boost her state pension by £1,300 a year for life
It will offer a lifeline to pensioners who have been unable to build up enough national insurance contributions for a full basic pension.
These will typically be women who worked part-time for decades or who took years off work to look after children, and the self-employed.
A woman born in 1950 who pays £22,250 next year can boost her state pension by £1,300 a year for life. If she lives for another 20 years, that’s an extra £26,000 income. Paying £4,450 will boost the same woman’s annual state payout by £260 a year.
Young embrace automatic pensions but reluctant older workers shun them
Should you take the risk out of your pension before retirement? Six steps to help you decide how to invest
How will the new pension rules affect you? Download a FREE guide
Need retirement advice? Find a financial adviser near you
Separately, it would cost a woman born in 1940 slightly less – £3,370 – to increase their pension by £260 a year.
The additional payments will be linked to inflation, and can be inherited.
A surviving spouse or civil partner will be entitled to at least half of this.
Although the opportunity to buy the top-up won’t start until October 2015 – and only run till April 2017 – you can register now.
The Department for Work and Pensions says this will allow it to process claims quicker.
It will also give the Government a chance to assess the likely numbers keen to take advantage, and give it an idea of the estimated cost.
Call 0345 600 4270, or go online at

The the was money

The family of a postal worker named as being a mole working with the Great Train Robbers has dismissed the claims – insisting he never flashed the cash.Gordon Goody, 85, a surviving member of the gang who escaped with £2.6m in the 1963 heist, has named Patrick McKenna as the inside man in a new documentary.He broke his 51-year silence to reveal the identity of the man previously known only as The Ulsterman.
The family of Patrick McKenna (pictured) have dismissed claims he was a mole working with the Great Train Robbers insisting he never flashed the cash
Gordon Goody (pictured), 85, a surviving member of the gang who escaped with £2.6m in the 1963 heist, has named Patrick McKenna as the inside man in a new documentaryBut the family of Mr McKenna, a quiet Post Office employee who died with just £3,000 in his bank account, say they find it hard to believe he was the middleman. 
Frail Ronnie Biggs, 84, marks anniversary of Great Train Robbery at memorial service for mastermind Bruce Reynolds
Modest heros quick thinking saved £50,000 when he grabbed bag of stolen jewellery back from armed robbers – but he asks himself could I have done more?
Gardening behind the wire: Amazing story of British POWs who transformed prison camp with flowers and vegetables they even sold to the Germans
He was very straitlaced and honest, his grandson, Mark McKenna, said.When I was young I remember going shopping with him at Asda. Me and my mum lived with my grandparents, so he was like my dad.
Mark McKenna, pictured, has described his grandfather as strait-laced and honestHe was one of those who would sit there at the end of the month comparing his till receipts to his bank statement.The 41-year-old, of Eccles, Salford, added: When mum was younger they struggled with money.She was walking around with holes in her shoes.Every time he bought a car it had to be on hire purchase.Its obviously quite a shock that he could have been involved in something like this.My reaction was, What, my grandad? My mum doesnt believe it at all.Mr McKenna says that by 1963, his grandfather had left London for the north west to live near his wifes family.He says his grandfather, who died of a heart attack in 1992, never showed any sign of having a large amount of cash that would indicate he had been involved in a heist.If he did get this kind of money, none of us ever saw any of it, he said.I am still finding it all very hard to believe because of the kind of person that he was.The documentary makers insist it cant be anyone else, however.
Police examining one of the coaches of the train near Bridego Railway Bridge in Buckinghamshire the morning after the train was robbed
Three handcuffed men arrested in connection with the great train robbery have blankets draped over their heads as they leave Linslade Court where they were remanded in custody for eight daysGoodys account is that McKenna picked up his share – the equivalent of several million pounds today – in two holdalls and a mailbag and piled them into the boot of a grey Austin car.Goody has revealed all for a new film made in the wake of the deaths last year of other Great Train Robbers, including Ronnie Biggs.The Great British Train Robbery: A Tale of Two Thieves is in cinemas on Friday and on DVD, Blu-ray and download from October 6.  CRIME OF THE CENTURY: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERS?  Bruce ReynoldsGang-leader and mastermind Reynolds was nicknamed Napoleon and after the Great Train Robbery he fled to Mexico on a false passport and was joined by his wife, Angela, and son, Nick.They later moved on to Canada but the cash from the robbery ran out and he came back to England.Five years after the heist, in 1968, a broke Reynolds was captured in Torquay and sentenced to 25 years in jail.He was released on parole in 1978 and moved, alone and penniless, into a tiny flat off Londons Edgware Road.In the 1980s he was jailed for three years for dealing amphetamines.After his second release, Reynolds went on to work briefly as a consultant on a film about the robbery, Buster, and published the Autobiography of a Thief in 1995. His son Nick said his father died in his sleep in the early hours of February 28 2013.
Great Train Robbers all together at the launch of a book. (L-R) Buster Edwards, Tommy Wisbey, Jim White, Bruce Reynolds, Roger Cordrey, Charles Wilson and Jim HusseyRonnie BiggsRonald Arthur Ronnie Biggs played a minor role in the robbery, but his life as a fugitive after escaping from prison gained him notoriety. He was given a 30-year sentence in 1964, but he escaped after 15 months by fleeing over the walls of Londons Wandsworth prison in April 1965.After having plastic surgery, he lived as a fugitive for 36 years in first Australia then Brazil, where he fathered a son Michael.His health deteriorated in 2001 and he returned to the UK voluntarily where he was sent back to prison.He was finally freed in 2009 on compassionate grounds by then Justice Secretary Jack Straw who said he was not expected to recover. Ronald Buster EdwardsAn ex-boxer, club owner and small-time crook who fled to Mexico after the heist but gave himself up in 1966.Edwards is widely believed to be the man who wielded the cosh used to hit train driver Jack Mills over the head.Mills family say he never recovered, and he died seven years later.Edwards served nine years in jail and then became a familiar figure selling flowers outside Waterloo station in London.He was the subject of the 1988 film Buster, in which he was played by Phil Collins.Edwards was found hanged in a garage in 1994 at the age of 62. Two wreaths in the shape of trains accompanied his funeral cortège.Charlie WilsonWilson was the gangs treasurer who gave each of the robbers their cut of the haul.He was captured quickly and during his trial at Aylesbury Crown Court in 1964 earned the nickname the silent man as he refused to say anything.He was jailed for 30 years but escaped after just four months.He was captured again in Canada after four years on the run and served 10 more years in jail.He was the final train robber to emerge from prison in 1978.Wilson moved to Marbella, Spain, where he was shot and killed by a hitman on a bicycle in 1990.
Interior shot of the Glasgow to London Royal Mail train which was carrying more than £2.6million in cashRoy JamesA silversmith and racing driver, James dreamed of investing his share of the loot in new car technology.He was nicknamed Weasel and was the chief getaway driver.James left a tell-tale fingerprint at the gangs farm hideout after the heist and was caught following a chase over rooftops in London.Jailed for 30 years, he served 12 and later sold silver from a market stall before moving to Spain.James was jailed again for six years in 1993 after shooting his wifes father and hitting her with a pistol.He died at the age of 62, soon after getting out of prison.Brian FieldA crooked solicitor who the gang used for the conveyancing when they bought the farm hideout used after the heist.Field was arrested and sentenced to 25 years, which was later reduced to five.He died in a motorway crash in 1979.Bill Boal
Police seize bags of cash following the heistAn engineer who was arrested with Roger Cordrey in possession of £141,000.Reynolds said he had never heard of Boal. He claimed Boal was not involved in the robbery and was an innocent man.Boal was charged with receiving stolen goods and jailed for 24 years, which was reduced to 14 on appeal.He died of cancer in jail in 1970.Tommy WisbeyA bookie and self-confessed heavy whose job in the heist was to frighten the train staff.Wisbey was sentenced to 30 years and released in 1976.He was jailed for another 10 years in 1989 for cocaine dealing and later ran a flower stall.On release from prison he went to live in north London and suffered several strokes.Bobby WelchA nightclub owner who was sentenced to 30 years in jail and was released in 1976.He was later left crippled after an operation on his leg went wrong.After jail he became a car dealer and gambler in London. He attended Bruce Reynolds funeral earlier this year.Gordon GoodyHe was jailed for 30 years and released in 1975. Goody moved to Spain to run a bar.James HusseyA decorator known as Big Jim who was sentenced to 30 years and released in 1975.Hussey later worked on a market stall and then opened a Soho restaurant.He notched up a conviction for assault in 1981 and in 1989 was jailed for seven years for a drug smuggling conspiracy with fellow train robber Wisbey.He died in November 2012, aged 79, from cancer.
Leatherslade Farm Oakley, the gangs hideout – the group consisted of 17 full members who were to receive an equal share, including 15 people who were at the actual robbery and two key informants Roger CordreyPart of the South Coast Raiders gang, Cordrey was a florist.He was arrested in Bournemouth after having the bad luck to rent a lock-up from a policemans widow.He was jailed for 20 years, which was reduced to 14 on appeal.When he was released in 1971 he went back to the flower business and moved to the West Country. He has since died.Jimmy WhiteA former Paratrooper described as quartermaster for the robbery.White was on the run for three years before being caught in Kent and sentenced to 18 years.He was released in 1975 and went to live in Sussex. He has since died.Leonard FieldA former merchant seaman, Field was sentenced to 25 years, which was later reduced to five.He was released from jail in 1967 and went to live in north London. Believed to be dead.John WheaterA solicitor who was sentenced to three years for conspiring to pervert the course of justice. He was released in 1966 and went to live in Surrey. Believed to be dead.

The are – that

I saw a pillow in John Lewis the other day that cost £85 and I thought: ‘How can that aid slumber any better than a pillow costing tens of pounds less?’I don’t know how much the pillows at the Viceroy New York cost – but I would be prepared to pay at least three figures for just one of them.They are extraordinary.
Viceroy Double: Guests are cocooned in luxurious wood and treated to astonishingly comfortable bedsI’d had a scout around the hotel’s website before arriving, and didnt notice any pillow previews.They deserve their own microsite.As I lie down, the prospect of wakefulness disappears in a flash. My head sinks right into the pillow, yet it feels supported.In fact, the whole Viceroy bed is heavenly. Climbing into one is like falling into the arms of an angel.In the morning, the weariness brought on by transatlantic travel is banished. So I decide to inspect the rest of the ‘deluxe’ twin room that I’m sharing with my travelling companion – my mum.The beds are in a cocoon of rich wooden furnishings, from the bedside wardrobes to the writing table.It doesnt feel like a hotel room, more like someone’s trendy Manhattan apartment.The bathroom is a work of art, with an impossibly grand round mirror above the sink. It is complemented by a satellite shaving mirror that you can swing from side to side on a metal arm.It looks very expensive.A walk-in rain shower completes the set-up.The Viceroy New York, which opened last October, has other aces up its sleeve – one being the location. For one, it is on West 57th Street, which puts you within walking distance of a whole feast of Big Apple musts. 
Breakfast in style: Mother Thornhill reads up on New Yorks tourist attractions in the Kingside restaurant
Tasty: The Kingside restaurants frittata with crumpets, plus a smooth cup of coffeeCentral Park? Two minutes’ walk away. Rockefeller Center? Seven minutes south, by foot. Museum of Modern Art? You’ll measure the time it takes to get there in seconds.Carnegie Hall, meanwhile, is practically next door.Before you head out though, do not skip the Viceroy breakfast. 
A hotel with star appeal: Nicole, Leonardo and Victoria Beckham have all passed through The Carlyles revolving doors
How to see New York like a local: Sneaking into closed museums and finding the best celebrity hangouts in the Big Apple
Broadway, martinis with Macca and the coolest hotels: How to see New York in style
It is served in the hotel’s bistro-esque Kingside restaurant – where the decor resembles that of the bedrooms, with the same tones, luxurious woods and sumptuous leather.The coffee is smooth and strong, the orange juice long and fresh, the frittata with maple bacon spot-on – and the service nothing short of exemplary. HOTEL HIGHLIGHTS  Technogym Fitness CenterComplimentary wi-fi Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable audio sound systems in each roomNeil George spa productsRooftop bar with amazing viewsSuperb dining at the Kingside restaurant Beautifully choreographed styling  The dinner experience is similarly enticing. I’m always encouraged by menus that don’t have too many dishes on them – it’s usually a sign that quality is the priority.And that’s the case at Kingside.It is a fusion of Italian, French and American cooking, with offerings such as roasted wild king salmon with asparagus and green onion, braised pork shank with roasted shallots, certified angus 32oz cowboy rib eye and lamb chops with chickpeas and yoghurt.Me? I go for the Kingside Burger with white cheddar and giardiniera relish.It is tender and perfectly cooked, but does look a bit lonely on the big white plate. I’m surprised the hotel hasnt caught on to the hipster method of burger presentation, using a wooden chopping board, given the hotel’s love of quality wood.Mother Thornhill opts for a shaved kale salad with goat cheese and toasted almonds, which also gets the thumbs-up. I wash down the burger with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, which is suitably fruity.The quality of the restaurant is underscored by the fact that people not staying at the hotel travel here to dine.The rooftop bar is also a destination watering hole – a magnet for trendy young professionals.
Popular: The Kingside restaurant is a big draw for tourists and Manhattanites 
Amazing view: The rooftop bar looks out over Central Park
Watering hole: The Viceroy rooftop bar offers drinkers an urbane environment in which to quench their thirstBut it’s the view that is the biggest draw. It almost makes me gasp.The rooftop looks out over Central Park and the whole of upper Manhattan. At 29 floors, the Viceroy is by no means the tallest building in the area, but it doesn’t need to be – because it’s higher than enough of the surrounding structures to facilitate prime cityscape gazing.The bar takes mixology seriously. House cocktails include the Espresso Martini, Mojito and Without Fear, made using Jameson Black Barrel whiskey with apricot liquer.We stay on a Monday and Tuesday, and the atmosphere is lively on both nights.There is also a bar at the front of the Kingside restaurant, at street level, which is similarly beguiling.There are a few extra snazzy garnishes at the Viceroy that raise its cool factor.I like the fact that you sign in by finger-writing your signature on an iPad at the reception desk – and that every bedroom comes with a Beats by Dr Dre beatbox – and a smartphone pre-loaded with information about the hotel, from room service to the cocktail menu. Very hip.Wi-fi, meanwhile, is free and very fast.Are there any downsides? Yes, but we’re quibbling here. Viceroy New York doesnt have a lot of girth, and some may find the standard rooms a tad compromised space-wise.But for a few nights, they are perfect.
Relaxing: Ted reads up on the tourist musts in the lobby
Roomy: The Viceroys suites have ample square-footageThere are 240 rooms in total, including some pricier suites – 43 of them – with more space for spreading out.Also, for the room price, you might expect the hotel to offer a swimming pool. This is a hotel that inflates your ego – you’ll want to boast to people that you are staying there. It has poise, finesse and beautifully choreographed suave styling that may make you feel as if you are living in an aftershave advert.Or a bed advert.
Scent-sational: Staying at the Viceroy is a bit like being in an aftershave advert Travel Facts: Plan your own great escape to New York  Viceroy New York rooms start at $309 (£186) per night ($309). Visit to book or call 1 855 647 1619.Air France and KLM have up to four daily flights to New York via their Paris and Amsterdam hubs. Prices start at £389 from 18 departure points in the UK and Ireland.Book online at and    
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Testing the criminalize

London (CNN) — British authorities dropped charges against high-profile former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg on Wednesday, days before he was due to go on trial on charges of attending a terrorist training camp in Syria.
Begg, from Birmingham in the English Midlands, will now be freed from prison, where he has been held since March, a West Midlands Police statement said.
The case was discontinued after police and lawyers for the Crown Prosecution Service reviewed new material and concluded there was no longer a realistic prospect of gaining a conviction, the statement said.
Beggs trial had been due to start on October 6.

Prisoners-eye-view of Guantanamo

Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale said: New material has recently been disclosed to police and CPS, which has a significant impact on key pieces of evidence that underpinned the prosecutions case. Our criminal justice system — quite rightly — demands a very high standard of proof.
I understand this is going to raise many questions. However, explaining what this newly revealed information is would mean discussing other aspects of the case which would be unfair and inappropriate as they are no longer going to be tested in court.
Testing time
Begg was charged with attending a terrorist training camp, facilitating terrorism and possession of a document likely to be of use to a terrorist.
The London-based organization Cage, which campaigns for the rights of those affected by the war on terror and for which Begg worked as an outreach director, welcomed the decision to drop the charges.
This has been a testing time for Moazzam, his family and the Muslim community, Asim Qureshi, research director of Cage, said in a statement.
Qureshi accused UK authorities of criminalizing virtually any Muslim that has been to Syria and said Cage had also come under pressure to shut down.
We hope that Moazzams release is a sign that the government are now willing to adopt a more measured strategy in relation to anti-terrorism policy and avoid the attempt to criminalize all dissent and crush any organization like Cage that stands up for the rule of law and justice, he added.
Author, speaker
Begg was arrested as a suspected al Qaeda member in Pakistan in February 2002 and was held at the U.S. airbase at Bagram, Afghanistan, before being sent to the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Begg spent nearly three years in custody. He was sent back to Britain by the Bush administration in early 2005 and was never prosecuted.
He co-authored a book about his experiences at Guantanamo Bay in 2006 and has appeared as a public speaker and commentator in Britain and overseas since his release.

CNNs Atika Shubert contributed to this report.